Recipe Books

I love looking at new recipes. Going through a cookbook I find very relaxing but it’s dangerous when I’m hungry. That was today, lol. Every recipe look so good. Lemon garlic chicken tacos, roast beef hash, teriyaki steak subs, paprika beef and noodles, honey garlic meatballs, scalloped corn and broccoli, heck they even make meatloaf look and sound amazing and gourmet! After looking through some recipe’s off to the store I go. ( again not smart when your hungry) I hit the cake mix isle and came home with two-three mixes for cake and muffins. After wondering around for a while I head home and put things away. My mom hates grocery shopping, again I enjoy it and find it somewhat relaxing as it is a brainless activity. I do recall not liking it when my child tagged along as everything went into the cart. Those were days I just wanted to run in and whip through the store as time was short but when you have a little one with you it becomes a half day affair.

Once home I now need to decide what to make for dinner- funny thing is, the recipes that look so good to me and I couldn’t wait to make now need my energy to do so and all I want to do now in this moment is go and take a nap ! Happy Saturday !


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