Time Flies

The month of March is a time that goes by extremely fast each and every year for me. No matter how hard I try to be prepared for all the events that are in March such as birthdays and anniversaries I get overwhelmed every year. For some reason this month is also a busy time in my work schedule with extra meetings and unforeseen issues arises without fail. March is also the time of year that I love to go shopping for a new wardrobe to welcome the Spring season and for things for my house. Spring is in the air and there are so many cute things out in the stores that represents the season. HomeGoods is one of the places I love to look around as I can ALWAYS find something in there that I must have especially now- St. Patrick’s items grab my attention as well as Easter. I ask, why can’t the Winter season pass us by quicker than it does. Good bye Winter, hello Spring.


One thought on “Time Flies

  1. So many amazing things to celebrate about spring. It’s a new beginning even when you are tired and overwhelmed.


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