As I’m driving up to my home tonight the sight of my child playing outside with the neighborhood kids brings a smile to my face. Hearing the laughter and shouts from the kids as they play 4 square makes me feel like we are finally coming out of the deep freeze of winter. You would think there were no children on our street as no one comes out in the winter months to play.

Why is that? As a kid my friends and I were out daily unless the temp was a BUURRRR cold of 0. We played from the time we got up till we couldn’t feel our fingers ( most days our parents were telling us to come in to take a break from the cold) We loved being outside and playing all kinds of imagination games and riding our bikes up and down the street. All I can say is kids today have no imagination and relay way to much on technology to entertain them. SAD SAD SAD.

Having my child outside and playing in the fresh air makes me feel like she is has awaken after a long winters nap- lol.


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