Youth today..

Technology and I are not best friends. When I was younger I did not have my parents either that were much help in that area– in fact my poor parents needed assistance with programing the VCR to record a show if we were going to be out that night. ( Can’t miss Dallas or Falcon Crest) Things have advanced since VCR’s that’s for sure. I am now the one asking for my daughter to help me when something is not working correctly and making sure I am hooking things up correctly. This seems to be more than often. Today it’s a sound bar for the TV, I always wanted one and this year for my birthday one was delivered but hooking it up was not something I was looking forward to. Today I have some friends over and there teenage son was more than happy to hook it up for me. HOORAY for me! He had the TV off the wall and the console pulled out in a matter of minutes- cords were being plugged in and within a short period of time it was up and running. There was some difficulty with getting the correct settings but in a short amount of time my birthday gift was installed.


One thought on “Youth today..

  1. I’m glad your present is installed! You know you can always borrow Matt for these things. He would be happy to help and he’s quite the expert. I, on the other hand, would probably get frustrated with it in minutes and give up.


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