Awwwh Baby

Today I got my baby fix. A dear friend of mine gave birth a month early to her first child. Today I went for a nice long visit. Everything about him is tiny- he is a miracle considering he came 5 weeks early. Adjusting to new mommy-hood is not easy but my girlfriend is doing an amazing job. I loved seeing them both today and catching up on everything baby and then some.

The peacefulness that comes over a baby when they sleep is so sweet. The little breaths they take and the sounds they make when they stretch — How I miss that. But I do not miss the sleepless nights being up every 2 hours, the crying and not knowing what is wrong, the bellyaches they get from gas or reflex, not knowing when the chance will come to take a quick shower, smelling like formula or breast mile when they spit up– those little details I do not miss. I held the little guy the entire time, fed him, and calmed him when he fussed. After three hours I am ready for a nap- lol.


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